Collection: SimpleSoftware

Elite Trading Software offers a range of simple yet effective software solutions designed to automate trading strategies based on indicators. These software packages cater to traders who prefer a hands-on approach in customizing their settings and optimizing strategies. Here are some key features of the software:

Simple EAs based on Indicators:

The software includes pre-built Expert Advisors (EAs) that are designed to automate trading based on various technical indicators. Traders can choose from a selection of commonly used indicators to define their strategies.

These bots are only a simple strategy based on indicators and should be used as a guidance for trading!

SL and TP (Stop Loss and Take Profit):

Each trading strategy implemented by the software allows users to set specific Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) levels. This helps in managing risk and ensuring that profitable trades are closed at predefined levels.

Risk Management:

The software emphasizes risk management, allowing users to define the level of risk they are comfortable with. Traders can set parameters such as risk percentage per trade or use other risk management tools to protect their capital.

Trading Times:

Users have the flexibility to customize trading times according to their preferences. The software allows for the selection of specific trading sessions or times during which the automated trading should be active.

Trading Days:

Traders can specify the days of the week on which they want the automated trading strategies to be executed. This feature provides the flexibility to align trading activities with market conditions and personal preferences.

Fixed Lot Size:

The software supports fixed lot size trading, enabling users to specify a consistent position size for each trade. This straightforward approach simplifies money management for traders who prefer a fixed-risk approach.

User-Defined Settings:

The software does not provide set files or predefined settings. Instead, users are encouraged to conduct their own research, backtesting, and optimization to determine the most suitable settings for their chosen indicators and currency pairs.


The software is priced competitively, reflecting the philosophy that users should invest time in understanding and customizing their strategies rather than relying on pre-set configurations. This affordability makes the software accessible to a wide range of traders. The price reflects that we are only simply building these bots and not optimising's settings or back testing. We will undertake some back tests to ensure code is written correctly and trading.

All files in the simple series include free updates were applicable. They are all run on MT4. If you would like to pay for an enhancement to suit your own strategy please speak to the coding staff.


Elite Trading Software's approach places an emphasis on empowering traders to actively engage with their strategies, promoting a greater understanding of the markets and the indicators used. The flexibility and affordability of these software solutions make them an attractive choice for traders who prefer a more hands-on and cost-effective approach to automated trading.