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EasyScalper V2 Set Files

EasyScalper V2 Set Files

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EasyScalper V2 Set Files

Unlock the potential of EasyScalper V2 with confidence, backed by robust backtesting results conducted under precise conditions. Our scalping strategy has been rigorously tested using Eagle FX broker, employing a 1:500 leverage, a $10,000 USD deposit, and a comprehensive backtesting period from January 1, 2021, to November 30, 2023.

Key Highlights:

  1. Eagle FX Broker: EasyScalper V2 has been specifically tailored for optimal performance on the Eagle FX broker platform. Leveraging the broker's features and liquidity, our scalping strategy aims to deliver consistent results in various market condition 


  2. 1:500 Leverage: The strategy has been calibrated to capitalize on a 1:500 leverage ratio, offering traders the potential for amplified returns while effectively managing risk. This strategic use of leverage is designed to optimize performance and maximize trading opportunities.

  3. $10,000 USD Deposit: Our backtesting is anchored on a $10,000 USD initial deposit, reflecting real-world trading scenarios. EasyScalper V2 is engineered to make the most of the available capital, emphasizing efficient use of resources for sustained trading success.

  4. Extended Backtesting Period: To ensure the reliability of our strategy, EasyScalper V2 has undergone thorough backtesting spanning from January 1, 2021, to November 30, 2023. This extensive period allows us to evaluate the strategy's performance across various market conditions and economic events.

Performance Metrics:

  • Profitability: EasyScalper V2 aims for consistent profitability, with results measured against a variety of market scenarios.

  • Drawdown Management: The strategy prioritizes drawdown management, seeking to minimize losses during adverse market movements.

  • Trade Frequency: Experience the agility of EasyScalper V2 with a focus on frequent but precise trade executions, aligning with the scalping approach.

  • Risk-Reward Ratio: Our backtesting incorporates a favorable risk-reward ratio, emphasizing the potential for profitable trades to outweigh losses.

Optimize Your Scalping Strategy with EasyScalper V2. Elevate Your Trading Experience Today.

Please see set file details below.


EG ESv2 TF M1M5 TT 14 - Profit 106% - Profit factor 2.81 - DD  5.5%

EG ESV2 TF M4 TT 8 - Profit 308% - Profit factor 2.77 - DD  10.28%

EG ESV2 TF D TT 8 - Profit 616% - Profit factor 3.97 - DD 3.58%


EU ESV2 TF M1M5 TT 16 - Profit 44% - Profit factor 2.30 - DD 4.7%

EU ESV2 TF D TT 2 - Profit 267% - Profit Factor 1.34 - DD 6% 

EU ESV2 TF D TT 8 - Profit 498% - Profit factor 2.86 - DD 4.20%


GU ESV2 TF M1M5 TT 4 - Profit 480% - Profit factor 1.88 - DD 5.14%

GU ESV2 TF M4 TT 10 - Profit 375% - Profit Factor 2.92 - DD 3% 

GU ESV2 TF D TT 8 - Profit 470% - Profit Factor 1.55 - DD 6.51%


UJ ESV2 TF D TT 4 - Profit 425% - Profit factor - 3.77 - DD 3.49%




Disclaimer: While backtesting provides valuable insights, it is important to note that past performance is not indicative of future results. Real-market conditions may vary, and users are encouraged to conduct additional testing and analysis before deploying EasyScalper V2 in live trading. All set files are not financial or trading advice and should be used as education purposes only for the trading software. We hold no reasonability for any losses based on the settings used.





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